Advancing Society Through Technology

  1. Anytime support. Around the clock. No one is completely immune to stress.
    Everyone feels so bombarded that they often do not prioritize what is most important: their sense of well being and clarity. Therefore, their sense of time and the modern day effect of instant gratification must be considered for accessibility purposes. If it is not easily accessible, they will feel hopeless or uninterested, leading them to internalize their stresses or lash out in non productive ways.
  2. Measurable, trackable, visible units of progress. Humans are visual learners, and
    will respond to reaffirmations and constructive techniques. People need a proper routine that is able to balance time alone, in a group; as well as time for building
    the self, and the importance of building the lives of others (what ever that extent may be). Schedules and routines can also be overwhelming or disorganized, therefore, people need simplified programs that are attuned to individual needs, and easy to use.
  3. Real, efficient prioritization and action to take care of what is most important first.
    Embrace Health Innovations R&D has interviewed thousands of individuals who feel there is no real sense of help when it comes to discussing their stresses, their health conditions, and how it affects their everyday life and self-esteem. We find that it is critical to provide that support: to really listen to them, and then guide them throughout their journey. It is also beneficial to establish an alternative outlet where individuals can reflect for the purpose of self improvement, and a sense of being fulfilled. Embrace Health Innovations combines the tech and the humanity for it all…