Relevant Issues

issues 1Anxieties caused by stresses related to health problems, work related stressors, and other traumatic events, affect over 80% of the Canadian population (Embrace Health Innovations R&D, 2018). Individuals report mild to severe symptoms of anxiety, and feel there is no real sense of “help”. They need individualized, effective, and ongoing support. The continual bombardment of comparing one’s self to societal norms increases anxiety felt by all individuals. Unrealistic perspectives in the domain of self idealism create additional stress and anxiety in most individuals.

74% of people feel bombarded by the constant compulsive feeling that
they must stay connected. Screen time drains personal energy and affects one's ability to relax, and communicate. With the online dimension, the pressure to conform also arises, and people lose their sense of identity. Egocentrism is amplified, and can be isolating. Communication skills needs to be advanced for personal health and wellness. Depression and self-doubt are widespread themes.

In our world today, individuals and businesses are in denial regarding social issues and self-esteem; struggling to properly address topics of bullying, mental health, and overall well being. This affects productivity
and quality of life. Humanity is in need of positive strategies that build people up and increase their motivation.
We all have a social accountability for ourselves and for one another.

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